So there was much lively debate tonight in my Shakespeare class on the following question:

In Antony and Cleopatra did Octavius manipulate Cleopatra into killing herself before she was used in a triumph or did he wish to humiliate her in a triumph and then have her killed, which she avoided by her suicide?

My take on it(and yes I was opposed by the whole class) was that Octavius viewed her as so much of a threat that he wanted her dead before she could cause any problems to him. Therefore he manipulated her into committing suicide.

I'm such Geek

Okay so during my MF class today we got to the 100 Days and the battle of Waterloo... and we talk about Quatre Bras and the French push of the Prussians away... and Napoleon sending Grouchy out to follow. I being the fool I am raise my hand and ask, "If you are Napoleon and have at your disposal other Marshall's why do you appoint Grouchy to the Command of your Right wing? Why not Soult?"


Right so apparently if there is to be Theatre at LCCC this coming semester I'm to be the one in charge. Nice to find out so early so I can make plans etc.

What I am curious about is the following.

1. Should I do this? (This means selecting a play, casting it, directing it, and working to put the show up, basically all the jobs of a director/producer)
2. If so what should I direct? (Specific Please. They had been intending to do Antigone... but I think I'd claw my eyes out...(yes I know thats more appropriate in Oedipus Rex but still))
3. If I do it should I request payment or just do this as a volunteer?

Baby Shrews

There are times that my life seems sucky and that I hate my job...At those times I remind myself that it could be worse... I could be shaking baby shrews until they vomit. And yes there are people out there who get paid for that... Their Resume reads.... Shrew Shaker.

Random Bored Thoughts

I've lived my entire life within the Bos-Wash Corridor. And there is always a city, no matter where you are people refer to the city as if a construct of steel, brick, wood and stone was alive. Not only alive but the only one in exsistence. Whether the city referred to New York City or Hartford; to Providence or Richmond, one always got the sense that no other cities exsisted anywhere. Whether it be springfield, Allentown or Trenton, the City is always looked on exsisting in a kind of void. No city is better at enforcing this feeling of being solitary than NYC. Even parts of Philadelphia refer to NYC as the city. And residents of NYC carry that arrogance with them wherever they go...

Crazy Harry Potter Theories

Some of you may remember my pot regarding whom the prophecy at the end of OotP is about, well this isn't nearly as far fetched but its a fun one to my mind.

At the end of HBP, the locket that Harry and Dumbldore have foundis reveled to not be slytherins locket, but a fake with a note with the initials R.A.B. Most people have jumped to the logical conclusion that R.A.B. references Sirius's Brother Regulus Black. If so the question becomes what did he do with the locket. The answer lies in OotP page 108 in the British edition "a heavy locket that none of them could open" I'd bet my ImpSec silver eyes that the locket mentioned there is in fact Slytherins Locket already defeated.

Oh and Albus Dumbledore's brother Aberforth runs the Hog's Head inn in Hogsmeade. pg 300 British Edition, "He was a grumpy-looking old man with a great deal of long grey hair and beard. He was a tall and thin and looked vaguely familiar to Harry." We are also told at several times that Albus is friendly with the local barmen. And he is also present at Albus's funeral.