Just realized I should probably confirm here the following:

I will be attending Brandeis for a Masters in Comparative History starting in August.

Recent Items of Amusement

My French Professor: "The French are a much more frank people than we are."

New Zealand Airlines:"Why are we giving you Australia for free? Its the Kiwi in us."

Myself, spelling 'dad' out loud en francais, then deciding to burst into song with "Day by day" (okay that may have been only amusing to myself)

Listening to B&S and G&S and realizing that the humor that is readily apparent in ISIRTA has its start in those classics.

I love people

World Series Chat comments

1. ANAME (Toledo): Do you think Colorado has to take at least one game in Boston to even have a chance?

Well since they only play three games in Colorado and you need to win four to win the series... Yes.

2.ANOTHERNAME (NJ): How much importance do you give to getting out of a mid-inning jam like this? Do you think the game needs to stay close for Colorado to have a chance?

No... it would be better for the Rockies to fall behind by 40 runs then they'll have the Red Sox just where they want them with a good chance to win the game. *nods vigorously at this bit of wisdom*